A Visit From My Teenage Self

A new twist on the well-worn coming of age story. Inspired by Ghost World, Freaky Friday and The Ghost of Christmas past. Quarterfinalist Scriptapalooza 2023.


An underachieving film costumer starts seeing her opinionated teenage self in every mirror. The disappointed teen comically berates her adult self until she agrees to upend her life and pursue her childhood dream of working in Hollywood.


If your teenage self could see you now, what would they think? Film costumer Viv is about to find out. 

On her 40th birthday, Viv starts seeing her teenage self in every mirror and reflective surface. The judgmental teen is quick to point out Viv's failure to fulfill her dream of being a Hollywood costume designer. Viv doesn't even live in California!

Viv counters that she leads an interesting, unconventional life - unlike their overachieving childhood friend Cat who lives in the 'burbs and is very uptight. Teen Viv is unconvinced and her disapproving comments (are you poor? is that a grey pube?) drive Viv to the brink. Viv's teen self proposes the only way for Viv's life to go back to normal is for her to pursue her adolescent goal of working in Hollywood.

After saving the day on film shoot in the Pacific NW, Viv is invited to apply for a job at the studio costume house in LA. First she must deliver a portfolio showcasing a variety of looks. 

Viv creates costumes based on the signature style of musical icons and their influences including a Lady Gaga look peels away to a David Bowie-inspired ensemble underneath. Viv's childhood friend Mia and her band debut the outfits at a fashion show/benefit concert. Viv's coworker and aspiring filmmaker Alex (20s) films Viv's designs in action.

At the film shoot wrap party, Viv presents her portfolio to her studio contact. He loves it and invites her to come to LA.

As Viv packs her life into moving boxes, Mia tells her the concert video has gone viral and asks Viv to go on tour with her. Viv says no, she's worked too hard for too long to turn down this opportunity in Hollywood. Mia accuses Viv of being a sellout. 

Viv arrives in LA and scouts apartments before her meeting at the studio. She's excited to start a new life and be rid of the antagonizing teen. Unfortunately, one of the costumes from the location shoot has gone missing. Viv is forced to take responsibility, and the job offer is off the table. She returns home dejected.

Cat takes her in and encourages Viv to reconcile with Mia, but it's too late. Mia has already left town. Viv apologizes to Mia via a song request form on the band's webpage. Mia returns in the middle of the night and serenades Viv from Cat's front lawn. 

On her way to board the tour bus, while crossing the street in the rain, Viv's teenage self has one last role to play before disappearing for good.

This reverse coming-of-age story bursts at the seams with colorful characters, innovative fashion and moments that will appeal to anyone who's ever engaged in a moment of self reflection.

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