14 May 2013

Cycling Zen: Random Thoughts While Road Riding

In case you're wondering, am I still riding my bike lots and lots? Yes.

I don't have too much new to report other than I'm still riding but it's getting hot. I have, however, created the following list of the strange things that go through my head:

I love this weather!
I hate this f*cking wind.
Was that a camel?
That homeless guy has really long fingernails...
I'm gonna shoot a snot rocket on that Lexus
I hope it doesn't get any windier.
I wonder how many cheez-its I can eat at this intersection.
What was that road kill when it was alive?
They'll sell a time trial helmet to anyone.
Look at this turd parked in the bike line.
You know what this bike needs? An RPG.
I hope that's not a sewer grate up ahead.
I'm gonna pass that guy.
Don't speed up, motherf*cker!
I'm gonna eat the s#it out of a grilled cheese.
I can't wait for that beer.

... and the perennial favorite:  Shut Up, Legs!

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