15 July 2011

Photos from the Window Seat

I recently came across a Flickr account from a pilot. He has some great behind the scenes images from the cockpit including St. Elmos Fire and the Northern Lights. He has videos too.

If you're interested in the life of someone who works on an airplane for a living, check out Another Flight Attendant Writing. The title implies something blase, but the writer, Heather Poole, has a fun style and addresses all your burning flight attendant questions like:
I'm about to head off on a plane trip myself. I like sitting by the window because sometimes I can snap a cool photo or two (see below). They're not as good as the pilot's images, but I'm proud of this little collection.

I call it "from the window seat."
thunderhead over HoustonLAX nightscapeTake Off from Orange County SNAsomwhere over the frozen prairiesomwhere over the continental dividethe continental divide rocky mountainswhere the planned community meets the oceanSNALGBcaymanroatan somewhere over the mountainssomewhere over the oceanJersey ShoreHNLBajaSFO SFOLAXMt. St. Helens and Mt. AdamsMt. St. HelensMt. Hood, Ambassador to PDXMt. Hood
The Window Seat, a set on Flickr.

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