07 February 2011

What I Eat

Today's post is inspired by three things:

1. My friend Maggie's posts about food in Der Nederlandes. Dear God I want Vlaamses Frites so bad I can almost taste them!

2. A book I read over Xmas called What I Eat about where people in different parts of the world are photographed with what they eat in an average day.

3. My friend Mac's school project: DIY claymation interpretation of Shel Silverstein's Hungry, Hungry Mungry. Sometimes I feel like this little clay character.

Each person profiled in What I Eat is photographed in front of a table of food.

What floored me was how little food 1200 or 1600 calories amounts to and how (what I would consider) a normal person's daily intake of food is 3,000 or 4,000 calories. When you read just about any women's magazine they're always profiling the 1200 - 1600 calorie a day diet. That's not much food!

The book also talks about how a calorie is actually an ineffectual way of measuring food intake. For example: a whole grain calorie versus a fat calorie are processed and stored quite differently by the body.

Anyway, so I decided for S's and G's to keep track of what I ate in a day. A photographer I am not, and sometimes I forgot to take a picture, so, you get what you pay for with this blog.

To get a fair representation, I did one weekend day and one weekday. First, the weekend - in this case Sunday.

(250 cal) Toast with peanut butter and 1/2 banana, two cups of coffee

Second Breakfast (not just for Hobbits!)
(130 cal) Power Bar Pure and Simple Energy Bar (Oatmeal Cookie)

(250 cal) Leftover whole-wheat spaghetti with red sauce (one and a half bowls)
( 70 cal) Handful of dry-roasted edamame, cup of coffee

(300 cal) Two glasses Asahi beer
(170 cal) Vegetable roll (4 piece)
(150) 3 pieces lotus root tempura
(200) Bowl of cold soba noodles with kitsune and spinach
(210 cal ) 6 oz frozen yogurt with non-fat granola, 12 mini reeses pieces, 6 cubes mango
(30) six gummy vitamins

TOTAL: 1760 calories


I eat my food with chopsticks because they never go missing from the break room - unlike forks.

This is what I eat at work almost everyday: 

(190 cal) Toast with peanut butter, cup of coffee

Second Breakfast
(225 cal) 1/2 cup shredded wheat,  apple with string cheese, green tea

Post-workout snack
(100 cal) Banana

(180) Mixed veg salad, slice of tofu, Tapatio sauce, 2 ginger chews 

(200) Focaccia bread
(100) Glass of wine
(1000) Asparagus and Spinach Spaghetti
(30) six gummy vitamins (various)

TOTAL: 2025 calories

Here are some of the products I mentioned in the above blog post:


Unknown said...

You're crazy healthy, Megan! Must be all that SoCal rubbing off on you. If *that's* more than 2000 calories, I'm really screwed....

Unknown said...

I like this idea. I might have to try it out for my blog sometime.

I think as long as you're staying balanced, not continuing to eat past the point of hunger, and not gaining weight, you're probably good. We're way too obsessed with calories in our culture. To lose weight, I'm supposed to eat like 1,500...that's hard.

Jeff H. said...

That tofu bowl looks delish. I would eat that no matter how many calories it had.