26 January 2011

The Next Hipster Mecca

You know what my greatest fear is about the IFC show Portlandia?

I'm afraid it will make Portland look fun and interesting and then even more people will move there. Whoever quoth the line "Portland: where young people go to retire" was spot on.  We don't need any more people with a dual masters in art history and world religions. Dammit there are only so many barista jobs to go around!

Long time readers of this blog are familiar with my rants about how Portland used to be a lot scarier and (therefore) better. Why can't some other town become hipster mecca? Come on Austin, let's see what you've got!

Or maybe it's time we revisit Seattle....

Seriously, hipsters Portland is so 2004. Aren't you tired of composting your own manure and waiting in long lines for the food truck de jour? Why not pack it in? Take your bacon-print suspenders and head north. 

Sure it was grunge land, but now it's fertile ground for new wave hipsters to carve out an identity. They have microbrews, grouchy locals, Fred Meyers, and better roller derby!

Guys, find yourself a Utilikilt and ladies strap on those TEVA high heels. Seattle awaits!


Dinah said...

Attn: hipsters! Seattle is full of YUPPIES and people who USED to be cool. All the cool people have grown up, started businesses and are now raising kids and composting. It's really lame. Portland is totally where you want to be. Have you heard about Powell's? I mean, most bookstores are going out of business, but that place is an INSTITUTION of beautiful liberal-minded thinking, man. PORTLAND. Not Seattle. And I'm not just saying this because I might want to move me & my family back to Seattle someday. Although, if I do, you should know I'm a total yuppy and I think vegans are stupid. Just like everyone else in Seattle does. The end. ;)

Unknown said...

Keep fighting the good fight, Megan - and let me know when it's safe to come home again ...