13 December 2010

Best of 2010 Mix

Here are my favorite tunes from 2010. I've included links so you could listen to each one, or you can download most of them via iTunes. I created an iMix so you can iListen to them on your iDevice.

I Died So I Could Haunt You - Stars
Don't let the title of this track turn you away - this is a catchy little number. Hey, these guys are Canadian after all.

If you like I Died So I Could Haunt You, check out Dead Hearts - or the whole album The Five Ghosts for that matter.

Go Outside - Cults
It starts off with a toy piano and the vocals remind me of The Langley Schools Music Project even though the vocals are probably done by some Swedish hipster(s).

Odessa - Caribou
Sometimes I like electronica for its creative and meditative powers. Sometimes I like songs that make you dance / tap your toe / grind your butt back and forth in the driver's seat.

If you like this track, check out Take by Soul Particles.  Take also has a disco groove, albeit slower; I'm including it because I think the rest of that Caribou album is shite.

Paul Valéry- Blue Scholars
The Scholars bring us a track about The Future - more specifically what we thought it would be in the 80's. Click the link above to download the track, or just preview the song / watch the video.

De Donde Vengo Yo - Choc Quib Town
This band is * kind of * like a Colombian version of The Fugees. The song title means "Where I'm From."

Cigarettes and Liquor - Murs and 9th Wonder
I like rappers with a sense of humor. Plus, it bangs.

Texico Bitches - Broken Social Scene
It's catchy... so damn catchy. You'll love singing along soooo much who gives a crap what this song even means?

If you like this track, check out Ungrateful Little Father from the same record.

Orion's Belt Buckle - Free the Robots
Why do I love throbbing beats so much? WHY?!?!? This song f-ing makes the doors rattle on the '95 Mirage. If you like this track, check out Fools Rhythm by Two Fingers.

Lovesick - Lindtrom & Christabelle
Damn Caddillac putting good music in a TV commercial shit. Grrrrrr. Make hipster angry.

Dark Shine - Smoosh
Asy and Chlose are teenagers now, can you believe it? The little girls from Seattle are 16 and 18 now. Their little sister (14) joins them on bass. The song starts out slow and at about 1min 35 Chloe brings in this wicked beat.

Not Like Any Other Feeling - The Thermals
The Thermals are the only pop punk band I need. The only ones from now on. Listen for the lyric "You Only Exist to be Replaced. Repeat. You Only Exist to be Replaced." Genius.

If you like this track, check out Never Listen to Me from the same album.

Best Cover Song of 2010
The MGMT track Kids covered by The Ooks of Hazzard. It's seven ukuleles playing the hipster groove and it's... kinda moving. Thanks to Smartwick for this awesome find.

Favorite New Artist
Lightsick- Zola Jesus
Zola Jesus could be Peter Murphy's daughter (musically speaking). Zola Jesus voice sings directly to the 16-year-old goth inside me. If you like this track, check out a slightly more upbeat track called Night.

We Used to Wait - Arcade Fire
This song really grew on me. I didn't buy the album, I just played around with their damn interactive music video for like a hour. Basically you put in the address of your home town and, using google maps, it integrates local photos into the music video. By the end of it I was hooked on the song. I guess this is proof marketing works, go figure.

Crash Years - The New Pornographers
No surprises here - The NPs put out another album that I love. Quite honestly though, I always love Neko Cases's songs the best. Her voice... brilliant - but accessible: just like a girl from the Pacific NW should be.

The Queen of Lower Chelsea - The Gaslight Anthem
I went totally apeshit for The Gaslight Anthem's last album The '59 Sound. I still recommend '59 as the best starting place for this band, but 2010's release American Slang is no slouch. The band continues their Americana straightforward rock, with Jackson Browne-esque ability to create an entire world in under four minutes.

Degrassi - Super Wild Horses
If I'm putting together a mix you know there's going to be a fuzzed-out girl band on here, well here ya go. This is a duo from Melbourne, Australia.

Love Cry - Four Tet
This track has the best drum beat I've heard this year. I'm learning to play this (slowly). This tune really stimulates my brain. There is a monotonous element that makes this track really meditative but in a creatively-attractive way.

Like what you've heard? Check out my favorites from 2009. Every now and then I find something that turns out to be a winner - last year I picked The XX and also Macklemore's The Town.

One that I picked up after publishing the "Best of" post last year was the very catchy track Little Secrets by Passion Pit. Let me know if you've got some 2010 indie or quasi-indie fav's that didn't hit my radar.

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Dinah said...

Yyyyyyaaaaayyyy! And so few songs overlap with my (in progress) Best Of mix, so that means new music for meeeee!