15 December 2010

2010 Mesmerizing Memes

With the exception of Bed Intruder (irresistible that one), I've tried to pick some internet "greats" from 2010 that may have escaped your notice. So if you're looking for double rainbow videos, sad Keanu, and Pants on the Ground go here.

Here are the Madhapa's 5 favorite overlooked internet videos of 2010. Let's count 'em down.

#5 - Will it Blend? Meets Old Spice Guy
Two great memes that taste great together.

#4 Video collage of Heaven and Hell
Video artist Marco Brambilla created a mash-up of movie clips to create a scrolling pastiche of heaven and hell. This one's actually... not funny. It's just cool. Marco Brambilla's Civilization.

(is that Michael Jackson?)

#3 60 Ghetto Names
This one I find funny mostly because of the response video - 60 Jewish Ghetto Names.

#2 iPhone4 (I don't care)
Android users will probably find this video funnier than iPhone users. Then again, the iPhone users won't care. Heh heh...

If you want to hear what conservatives (in the form of fuzzy animals) think about Quantitative Easing, or just like hearing people refer to things with a direct article (such as "The Goldman Sachs" and "The Ben Bernank") ...

Check out QE II explained. I think the best bit starts at 3min 19 sec.

#1 Bed Intruder Song
Bed Intruder has actually charted on iTunes (#3 on R&B and #25 overall).

Read the story of the Bed Intruder Song
- as reported by NPR so you can feel sophisticated about your obsession with Bed Intruder as an intriguing comment on society's insecurity with black poverty.

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Jeff H. said...

That "bed intruder" song is fabulous.