07 October 2010

Sleater-Kinney Has Moved On - I Haven't

Corin Tucker released her first solo project album yesterday.  A review I was reading said four years have passed since Sleater-Kinney disbanded. Has it really been that long? It seems like just yesterday I was a teenager watching them at La Luna and falling in love.

Carrie's moved on to a TV show of all things. For better or worse it's a show about Portland. IFC is filming in town right now and the show is supposed to air in 2011. Carrie also writes in her closing post for NPR blog Monitor Mix that she's got a new band.

As for Janet, well, she remains one of the greatest living drummers as far as I'm concerned. Check out this video of her "drum battle" with Sara Lund (um, Sara's the drummer of Corin's new band). I think it's pretty obvious who wins.

Watch the video for The Corin Tucker Band's first single: Riley. Of course it was filmed in Portland, did you have to ask!?!


Unknown said...

I thought about you last night as we went to go see Corin's band at The Aladdin. I have to say, I really liked it. Definitely not Sleater Kinney, but it was still fun and had a lot of her personality there.

And have you seen Carrie's shorts? They are pretty damn funny. It is a little odd, though. And her new band apparently includes Janet. Maybe Corin can just play a few songs with them...they're playing here in Nov. Time for a visit???

Of course Janet rules.

mercanaire (3x12ax7) said...


I liked SK a lot - "Jumpers" was astonishing. The lyrics, the production, the *mood*, everything, even the video.

Corin's new band...not astonishing...So far - still dig her voice tho.