04 September 2010

Music Video 2.0

Whether you're a fan of Arcade Fire or not, their new video is worth checking out. Using a mash-up of video, animation and google maps, "The Wilderness Downtown" video experience is different for every user.

The website will ask you for the address of where you grew up - this is where the Google Maps effect comes in. New windows will open up showing both aerial and street-level views of whatever address you've punched in.

wilderness downtown video

I used my folks' house to start and it said there wasn't enough Maps data to make the video run with its full effects. I'm guessing that the program wants to use both recent images and ones from several years back. That said: I tried several different addresses and got the same messages every time. I tried:
  • My house
  • The old Henry Weinhardt's Brewery
  • Hotel Laguna
  • Catalina Island Pier

None of these had enough Maps data. If anyone comes across an address with enough history let me know.

Okay last couple things...

The site will also tell you it works best with Google's browser (Chrome). I ran the program on my Mac running Firefox, it seemed to do its thing just fine. That said, here's a link to download Chrome if you want it.

When the video starts, multiple browser windows will appear - don't close them, just let it run. You should, however, minimize the main browser window.

Read more about it and see more screengrabs, or go to thewildernessdowntown.com to see what it's all about.

1 comment:

Dinah said...

It worked well with my childhood home address: 1608 Brookside Dr. Evansville, IN. There are so many trees around the house you can't even see it (which is a shame--it looks like a castle), but the video/animation works great.