29 July 2010

Asian Family Olympics WTF

The Iwata Family Olympics take place tomorrow. I should be resting up so I can thoroughly pummel the Funatake, Matsumoto and other branches of the clan.

The family olympics are not what you'd expect from a group of several dozen Asian-Americans. When I think Asian family olympics I'm thinking: violin scales, math problems, maybe some SudoKo or whatever that shit's called.


It's going to be all american stuff like three-legged races and water balloon games. Dear God, we're going to be outside... running and throwing and running. It seems unfair because clearly the family group with the greatest number of white spouses will have the upper hand. Good thing I loaded up on carbs.

Now that I've just watched a video about women in Kendo (see below) I think bamboo sword fighting is definitely in order for future family olympic events. See you suckers in 2014!

Thanks to Ms. MoHawks at iheartsnow for sharing this interesting vid!

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