30 June 2010

30 Songs for 30 Days - It's Done!

Today marks the last day of my quest to post 30 number songs in 30 days.

A huge thanks to JulieoftheSea, Carmel, Cary, AZecho, Rob, Bookbuster, Lena and everyone who sent in suggestions (I needed 'em). Sorry if I didn't get to all the ideas - I was punching in songs from Zion and Bryce National Parks for most of the "20's."

You can view the complete list on my Blip.fm DJ page. I am, of course, DJ madhapa.

19 June 2010

Best Spoof Movie Trailer Ever

After working as a movie projectionist for five years - I've seen thousands of trailers and hundreds of formulaic movies. Non-movie-nerd friends think I'm just grumpy, but the spoof movie trailer below says it all.

"Academy Award Winning Movie" is stunningly accurate (and funny too).

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