22 April 2010

I Became a DJ - You Can Too

I became a DJ. Oh yes I did - on Blip.fm

Blip.fm is a website where you can post the songs you're digging at the moment. Friends can follow your stream of songs and you can follow their stream as well. It's super-easy to use and I've used it to discover a lot of new music in the past few weeks.

I've joined scads of these music sharing sites over the years and Blip.fm is a step above the rest. Basically whenever you find a song you like, you type it into Blip and it's added to your RSS feed. You don't have to upload anything and it doesn't need to sync with iTunes. I'm not exactly sure where the songs come from other than: the track has to posted on the interwebs somewhere. Whoever curates the database does a good job, I'd say 19 out of 20 songs I punch in - they have.

Friends can sign up for Blip.fm (hint hint) and "follow" the music you're digging. This really cool chick I knew back in the SMA days - who I haven't talked to in ten years - has a fantastically similar taste in music as me. It's been fun to see what she posts.

It has another use as well:

Every year I put together a best of [year] list. Here's my list from 2009, for example.

Typically I start with around eighty songs and reduce it down to about 18. A lot of them get thrown out for not being released that year. So, even if I listened to INXS's Suicide Blonde 17 times last year it doesn't belong on a best of mix for 2009.

Hey, I was preparing the mix for my 29 1/2th birthday. It required in-depth musical research.

So anyway, hopefully you get the idea. Listen to my favorite songs of late via my Blip.FM Channel, and/or start one of your own.

08 April 2010

Separated at Birth?

Will Farrell & Red Hot Chili Peppers Drummer Chad Smith

Thanks to Rats Off! For this discovery.
Photo from The Stranger's website.

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