06 February 2010

A Change of Fashion

So, as you all know I've been wearing black for some time - almost ten years.

What most people don't understand is that I wear black - not because its my favorite color or its how I feel on the inside.

I wear black all the time because:

#1 I hate shopping
#2 I hate picking out what to wear in the morning
#3 Sometimes I spill coffee on myself and with black clothes no one can tell.
#4 I would rather spend money on travel

To be quite honest, if I woke up tomorrow and my closet was full of purple clothes - that's what I'd wear. I shit you not.

So, at Ladies Rock Camp last year there was this grad student from Canada. The whole weekend she rocked different cardigan / scarf combos. I was intrigued....

Since then I've invested in one black cardigan and one dark purple. Someone gave me a camel-colored one and I bought a matching scarf. So altogether I have three cardigans and three scarves. A few more and, Man, I'm set!

Not sure how this will work out in the long term. There are some 100+ degree Southern California days coming up this summer, but let's not worry about that just for a moment.

Is this cardigan-scarf thing really a lasting trend? Am I going to be, like, so 2009 in a few weeks?

What if I go old-school. I'm thinkin' Merchant-Ivory old school. Emma Thompson really worked those cardigans... but then again she has that lovely British accent - the perfect accessory, really.

I really wish someone would make a Queer Eye for the Straight Girl or for Tim Gunn's show to come back on. All I really want is a free trip to New York, $5000 and a gay man to show me what's up. Is that too much to ask!?!?

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BookBuster said...

I wore cardigans with tee shirt and jeans in high school and have always thought about returning to that look.