18 October 2009

Make and Share a Mixtape at Mixpod.com

Remember Muxtape (RIP)? Well now there's something kinda like it but better. Over at Mixpod.com you can make a playlist and add it to your blog, Facebook, whateve's. They have different players, but I decided to go with the old school tape for my mix (don't think I'll choose it again, but more on that later).

You don't have to upload songs to Mixpod - somehow they have them all in a giant online library. I was surprised that they had all but one of my fairly "indie" picks.

How to describe this mix? It's stuff I started listening to in summer that I just can't get enough of...

Music Playlist at MixPod.com

The only downside to this player is I can't figure out how to skip to the next track (there are five in all) without click through to Mixpod. There are other player formats available that show all the tracks, so, guess I'll pick one o' those next time.

To listen to the other tracks, click "Get Tracks." Underneath the cassette tape.

Here are all five songs in the playlist:

1. Intro: The Xx
- great song for cruising in your '95 Mirage (rain or shine)

2. Pistols: Throw Me the Statue
- I could only find a live version of this one. It's got thoughtful but semi-nonsensical lyrics like Her Space Holiday or Death Cab but it also grooves. Seek it out.

3. Pregnant Women Are Smug: Garfunkel and Oates
- to call them the Female Flight of the Conchords doesn't do them justice, but it gives you an idea. Check out these hilarious and talented ladies.

Daylight: Matt and Kim
- yeah, I know I'm late to this party... still spinnin' it tho.

Hi-808: Blue Scholars
- my favorite Seattle hip-hop group gives us the straight dope on life in Hawai'i

6. You Push, I'll Go: Baby Dayliner
- This is the song they didn't have. Click the link to check 'er out at KEXP. This is a great one for rising and shining... even if you have to be at work by 7am like I do. By a half-mile in I'm doing a little driver's seat dance. Can't help it.

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faye said...

OMG do I have a baby dayliner story for you. but it involves an mp3, which I will send to your email.