25 August 2009


I'm back from Alaska... still working on a round-up of all the photos and a well-worded recap. I'm also working on a video. It's challenging to capture the amazing scenery of Alaska in just photos and videos, but it's better than another rant about misbehaving kids, eh?

It was a great trip overall. The highlights were
  • Glacier Bay
  • Vancouver, BC
  • Visiting a dive shop in Ketchikan
As for the cruise itself: my travel buddy described the cruise ship as, "a floating restaurant with scheduled activities." Which I think is accurate.

They were also really really fanatical about hand-washing. There was a Purell dispenser every time you turned around - two in front of every entrance to the dining room. The captain would get on the PA and remind people to "vash your handz."

We started making jokes, "If zu do not vash your handz, ve do not bring out zee vhales OR ZEE FOOD!"

Really though, it was a fun trip. I never thought I'd take a cruise, but it's the only way to see some of the most spectacular scenery mother nature has to offer.

Coming Soon...

A video recap
Photos of scenic stuff
Photos of whales
Pix from the lumberjack show


Unknown said...

Honestly, that kind of trip is about the only way you'll ever get me on a cruise ship. Can't wait to see pics!

smartwick said...

Welcome home, thanks for the postcard, and ... nice gloves! ;)

My dentures -time to nap said...

822 Old white people and one mad hapa!
Youzz getting old NWgurl!