28 May 2009

At the Airport Ready to Rock

I'm using my Android phone (aka G1- The Google phone) to write from the Orange County airport. I'm headed up to PDX for Ladies Rock Camp. I went last year and it was one of THE BEST things I've ever done.

I'm playing drums again this year and I'm stoaked to try a new genre. Last year I held out for people to form a metal bamd but ended up in an "indie" band with some other leftover musicians - who turned out to be amazing people.

In 72 hours it will be all over. I'll have formed a band, written a song, rocked, and played a gig at Satyricon. Whoa!

Stay tuned for all the details...

To read about last year's exploits: type in "Ladies Rock Camp" into this blog's search box in the top right. Sorry, I can't figure out how to copy and paste a URL from the browser of this phone. Alternately you can click on the archives on the far right - click on 2008 and then April.

Last year's post includes video and an explanation of how I got the nickname "pants."