09 February 2009

Things that make you go.... WTF?

I took a couple days off work last week and of course it rained the whole time. I got some quality internet surfing in and here are some odd things I found:

#1 Dining in the Dark
There's a restaurant in LA (and San Diego) called Opaque where you eat in the pitch black dark. I guess the idea is, by eating in the dark the food's taste is not obscured by how it looks.

I wonder if they let you pay in the dark? Yeah, that's three $20's.

#2 Median versus average household income

The median household income in the US is about $50,000/year
The average household income is $317,000

The average household income in California is just under $60,000 - but we're not the #1 state. I'm going to call my lawyer.

#3 Jane Austen's Pride and Prejudice - Zombie edition

The blurb on this book says it includes the original text of
Austen's beloved novel with "new bone-crunching zombie action." I wonder if they try to integrate it in or if they just start a new chapter with

"... all of a sudden, a zombie bit into Mr. Darcy's jugular."

(thanks to Cary for finding this last one)

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Unknown said...

Where do you find these things??