04 January 2009

Remember to Honk When you Drive Past Vern Fonk

I can't believe Vern Fonk has eluded me this long. His ads are GENIUS.

Check out this locally-produced gem known as "DANCE!"

Want more? Of course you do. Check out Shapoopi 2


More videos from Vern Fonk available on youtube. He spoofs The Sopranos, those annoying ads from mattress companies, some popular movies . . . but Shapoopi is the best (in my opinion).

With the ever-deflating price of home video / editing equipment, we should have a lot more homemade ads like this, don't you think?


Cary said...

Absolutely there should be more of this. Low budget ads like this remind me of the days when you could stay up to midnight, flip to your local cable channel and see locally produced music videos.

My favorite was in Georgia where the Atlanta station would air video after video of crooning black men in their 40s dressed in velvet and singing seductive songs to "models" in romantic settings.

God I miss those!

BookBuster said...

Uh, Bobby Hacker did basically the same thing...it's the satanic hard-R version. Let me just warn: this one's NOT for the faint of heart. Definitely do not watch this at work and prepare to be disturbed.

Oh, and this is on Will Ferrell's website, so Frank the Tank finds it amusing...