22 December 2008

Best of 2008 Mix

Here are my top musical discoveries of 2008. Not all these songs came out in 2008, but the majority of them did. If you are interested in this mix, I exported it to iTunes so you can buy it (see below).

  1. Sing Again CHRIS WALLA (check out the video featuring PDX)
  2. Killing Machine HOW I BECAME THE BOMB (great lyrics)
  3. This Is My Life FIREWATER (punk rock voice with world music)
  4. Lost In the Light THE HEAVENLY STATES (good driving song)
  5. Daydream Vacation (Boom Bip Remix) HEAD LIKE A KITE (dreamy electronica)
  6. Burnout Babies SYBRIS (gritty, chick-fronted rock)
  7. A Tribe Called Rocco TEAM GINA (lesbian rappers)
  8. Release SHE KEEPS BEES (if you like PJ Harvey)
  9. Gilt Complex SONS AND DAUGHTERS (catchy, no-holds barred pop-punk)
  10. Fuji MINUIT (if you wish Bjork would make another Post)
  11. The Rip PORTISHEAD (it's fucking Portishead, what more do you want?)
  12. Woman of Cain PALODINE (raw, frank lyrics)
  13. Hairy Candy TOBACCO (sunny, weird, electronic)
  14. Great DJ THE TING TINGS (catchy . . . maybe too catchy)
  15. Code Monkey JONATHAN COULTON (best lyrics of the year)
  16. Liz the Hot Receptionist JESUS H CHRIST & THE FOUR HORNSMEN OF THE APOCALYPSE (cute song but the rest of the album is "eh")
  17. Old Old Fashioned FRIGHTENED RABBIT (Scottish. Cute).
  18. Once And Never Again THE LONG BLONDES (think British Sleater-Kinney)
  19. A & E GOLDFRAPP (beautiful like a summer's day)
  20. Kids MGMT (if you like Time to Pretend, you'll love Kids)
  21. I'm Not Gonna Teach Your Boyfriend How to Dance With You BLACK KIDS (that's right, dammit).

If you want to buy these songs, visit iTunes for the iMix of TheMadHapa's Best of 2008 . The only song I couldn't put in the iMix is, unfortunately, Goldfrapp's A&E.

If you're wondering, "Where's Vampire Weekend, MIA and Santogold are:

. . . they appeared on last year's mix. Thanks to my myriad savvy new music sources. You know who you are!


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Dinah said...

THANK YOU, my dear friend and dispenser of Cool. My musical collection would be so lacking in great music if it weren't for your fantastic mixes.

H20Adventure said...

Once again you're the source of all that's hip and cool.