06 July 2008

LSD + Beverly Hills Chihuahua Trailer = instant death

I just got back from seeing both WALL-E and one of the most horrifying trailers ever created. It caused me to have a scientific epiphany:

LSD + Beverly Hills Chihuahua Trailer = instant death

It loses something in the youtube translation and I know you want to see this POS in all its glory. Have a gander at the high-res trailer for Beverly Hills Chihuahuha.

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BookBuster said...

If your equation is right, and for some reason I'm forced to watch this (Angela has said she's seeing this with no apologies) then it's time to take out a life insurance policy and get in touch with some of my old college buddies...

Unknown said...

f'-ing wow. Another movie that is so bad it takes a poop right in the viewers brain hole.

'Sit back and watch the cute little dogs you stupid POS! You couldn't handle a movie with plot, character, or originality!' -From the makers of the film

Anonymous said...

this movie is so good it's funny and all the members of the family can go to see it