07 July 2008

Can we get rid of voicemail? Please?

I hate using a phone. Actually, what I really hate is voicemail.

I hate voicemail more than FOX "News" but slightly less than hitting my knee on a coffee table. Lifehacker recently had an article, Should Voicemail Die? My answer is yes please!

The phone is so inefficient compared to email. It's the digital age! Let people manage their workflow without interruption!

Okay, okay, I suppose there's an argument to be made for keeping the phone around for urgent matters. Still, voicemail is a horrific time bandit. It's three times the work of checking an email and once you access the damn thing all you get is, "hey, call me."

People, people. When did answering machines become common, the early 1980's? We've been at this for 20 years.

Say it with me: Leave your name, number and why you're calling at the tone.

Why can't remember these three simple things? I've gone to the trouble of dialing my voicemail, entering my access code and pressing one. I've fulfilled my end of the deal. For what "this is Dave, call me." Where I work, there are three Daves. In my customer base, there are nine Daves. Which Dave is it? Why are there so many Daves?

Anyway, the point is: email and text messaging are so much more efficient. With one click you find out what the person wants.* Don't believe me? Try writing down how many minutes you spend fussing with your voicemail everyday. Those are minutes you're never going to get back.

Voicemail is passe. It's time to send it the way of the mimeograph. Who's with me?

* Well, most of the time. Besides, if they're a bad emailer you can always punish them by signing them up for Pun-of-the-Day or something like that.


Anonymous said...

There's a way to get rid of voicemail; you can do what I do. (twofold)

1. Use VoIP so your voicemail messages can just be emailed to you as attachments.

2. When #1 is insufficient, ignore your voicemail and insist that people contact you some other way.

Mac said...

Agreed. #1 way to decrease voicemail: Immediately respond to e-mail and put a 2-3 day delay on voicemail response.

Anonymous said...

My favorite voicemail is the message that is left really slowly until it is time for the person to leave his/her number - then lightening speed sounds are emitted. Email is overrated also - especially when I get in excess of 200-300 per day. Snail mail please - let's slow the world down and be happier in out time-insensitive lives, heck, how about carrier pigeons, heck the pony express worked and people were happy. Heck let's eliminate elctricity, and the internet and stupid postings like this one!