12 June 2008

Soundtrack to the Movie of Your Life

Here's the proposition:

Create the soundtrack of your life.

Set your iPod to random shuffle and fill in the blanks below as each song comes up. No cheating!

This is what my iPod spit out:

Opening Credits - Glory: LIZ PHAIR
Waking up - Moscas in La Cama: SHAKIRA
Falling in love - A Gentleman, An Automobile: SYBRIS
Fight song - Ramble On: LED ZEPPELIN
Break up song - White Suckers: KRISTEN HERSH
Making Up - Bug Rain: LOOPER
Life's Okay - She Walks on Me: HOLE
Mental Breakdown - Leopard of Honor: DESTROYER
Driving - When I Was a Painter: THE BREEDERS
Flashbacks - Found A Job: TALKING HEADS
Happy Dance - Motownphilly: BOYZ 2 MEN
Regret - Low Red Moon - BELLY
Final Battle - oh! : SLEATER-KINNEY
Death Scene - What Did Your Last Servant Die Of? : THE WEDDING PRESENT
Final Credits - Don't Cry: GUNS N' ROSES

All in all there were a couple of freaky coincidences and a couple of embarrassing ones. Guess I can't hide from my parachute-panted past. Here's a blank list if you want to try it for yourself:

Opening Credits:
Waking up:
Falling in love:
Fight song:
Break up song:
Making Up:
Life's Okay:
Mental Breakdown:
Happy Dance:
Final Battle:
Death Scene:
Final Credits:


Lena said...

This was way more fun that it should have been :-P

When you use my whole iTunes:

Opening Credits: I Only Wanna Be With You: Hootie & the Blowfish:
Waking up: Affirmation: Savage Garden
Falling in love: Cool Water: Minibar
Fight song: Get Along, Little Sheep: Arrested Development
Break up song: Will of the Wind: Kenny Loggins
Making Up: I’m No Angel: Dido
Life's Okay: Yellow: Coldplay
Mental Breakdown: Adam’s Song: Blink 182
Driving: Highwired - Taste
Flashbacks: Don’t Think of Me: Dido
Happy Dance: Blue Avenue: Elton John
Regret: The Best Think: Savage Garden
Final Battle: Rosor & Palmblad: Kent
Death Scene: Genie in a Bottle: Christina Aguilera
Final Credits: I Saw Three Ships: South Park Christmas

With what is actually on my iPod (the nano, not the video):

Opening Credits: No More Cloudy Days: The Eagles
Waking up: Notes About Freedom: Act II
Falling in love: Go: Blink 182
Fight song: Your Song: Elton John
Break up song: Retrospect: Minibar
Making Up: Enthused: Blink 182
Life's Okay: Have You Ever Seen the Rain: Creedence
Mental Breakdown: Dashboard: Modest Mouse
Driving: Saturday Nights’ Alright (for fighting): Elton John
Flashbacks: The Good Times are Killing Me: Modest Mouse
Happy Dance: Emo: Blink 182
Regret: Hotel California: The Eagles
Final Battle: Careless Whisper: Wham!
Death Scene: Girl Like That: Matchbox 20
Final Credits: It’s Not the Fall That Hurts: Casesars

Unknown said...

Opening Credits: Wicked Ways, Garbage

Waking up: All Mine, Portishead

Falling in love: Only happy when it rains, Richard Cheese

Fight song: Wake up alone, Amy Winehouse

Break up song: Hide and Seek, Nonpoint (Nonpoint= Break stuff on par with Pantera )

Making Up: Pleasure Bribe, The Pietasters (Song about hookers! Yea!)

Life's Okay: Swagger, Flogging Molly (A song about not knowing where I’m going)

Mental Breakdown: Misery and Gin, Eddie Spaghetti

Driving: Falling away from Me, Korn

Flashbacks: Hurt, Christina Aguilera (I still haven’t listened to this song, but hey, it was there.)

Happy Dance: (You drive Me) Crazy, Richard Cheese

Regret: Black Sunshine, White Zombie

Final Battle: This Cats on a hot tin Roof, Brian Setzer Orchestra

Death Scene: A little bit Ugly, The Mighty Might Bostones

Final Credits: I Know You, Part 1, Morphine

smartwick said...

Opening Credits: Ain’t No Thang - Outkast

Waking up: What About It? – Guided by Voices

Falling in love: Division Day – We Are Telephones (covering Elliott Smith) (featuring the romantic lyric, “Mostly they’d meet when he was asleep and have some sick exchange”)

Fight song: Amazon Falls – Les Baxter (about the wimpiest- but groovy – “fight” song I can imagine)

Break up song: Pop in G – Heatmiser (not the best Elliott Smith break-up song by a long shot, but does contain this gem: “You're as good as they come / But you're such a fucking trial”)

Making Up: Embassy Row – Pavement (love this song, but it’s not about love … unless you think of people as foreign countries … which kind of works)

Life's Okay: Naked Eye (Live at the Young Vic) – The Who (exactly the opposite of what this song’s about…)

Mental Breakdown: Pretty Ugly – 50 Foot Wave (not nearly the craziest Kristin Hersh song …)

Driving: Walk Away – Franz Ferdinand

Flashbacks: That’s It That’s All – Beastie Boys

Happy Dance: B Side Wins Again – Public Enemy

Regret: Museum of Sex – Robyn Hitchcock & the Venus Three (the title works, if not the song)

Final Battle: She’s a Rebel – Green Day (wow, nice one!)

Death Scene: Eddie’s Raga - Spoon

Final Credits: White Pepper Ice Cream – Cibo Matto

Anonymous said...

KAMRAN got a Zune

Opening Credits: Our house: Madness
Waking up:House of the rising sun: Animals
Falling in love:Brick house: Commodores
Fight song: Smash it up: The Damned
Break up song: Don't stand so close to me: The Police
Making Up: Lets get it on: Marvin Gaye
Life's Okay:Pink houses: John Cougar Mellencamp
Mental Breakdown:Wires and Snakes: Amon Tobin
Driving:White lines: Grandmaster Flash
Flashbacks:Fresh pair of panties on: Snoop Dogg
Happy Dance:Sweet home Alabama: Lynyrd Skynyrd
Regret: Burning down the house: Talking Heads
Final Battle:Houses of the holy: Led Zeppelin
Death Scene: It's raining men:Geri Halliwell
Final Credits:A man I'll never be: Boston

*my Zune has only 100mb so these are the only songs I have - honestly!

Anonymous said...

Opening Credits: Thirteen - Mary Lou Lord
Waking up: Don't you think I feel it Too - Shawn Colvin
Falling in love: Indianapolis - The Bottle Rockets
Fight song: Black Cat Bone - House of Freaks
Break up song: On a Sea of Fluer de Lis - Richard Shindell
Making Up: I ain't ever Satisfied - Steve Earle
Life's Okay: Happy When You're Sad - Tommy Keene
Mental Breakdown: The Passenger - Iggy Pop
Driving: Lazy - Richard Shindell
Flashbacks:Take Me to the Bank - The Bottle Rockets
Happy Dance: Confusion - New Order
Regret: Way of Life - New Order
Final Battle: Take back your letters - Tommy Keene
Death Scene: I'm not from here - James McMurtry
Final Credits: Hold My Life - The Replacements