22 April 2008

Would You Sell Beer to This Person?

So . . . I got glasses.

They're mainly for driving. I have poor depth perception which is not-so-great when the speed limit on surface streets is 50 mph. Anyway, point is: I don't need to wear them all the time, but I'm considering it . . .

I'm really hoping the glasses will make me look older. I'm tired of getting carded for R-rated movies, dammit. Why is it that Asians don't age until they're, like, 70? I'll go through my whole life looking like a teenager and then one day, it's all over. I'll wake up two feet shorter, shriveled with grey hair.

Don't even start with me about how one day I'm going to be grateful that I look super-young. Those days are too far off and cannot outnumber the days where I get discriminated against because people think I'm barely out of college.

I'm not making this up!

Everyone thinks I'm right out of college and a total N00b. Yesterday, one of my co-workers suggested I do a presentation for a local dive club to "gain public speaking experience." Jesus tap-dancing Christ I've been doing that kind of thing for almost ten years now. The guy who said it to me is really cool and meant what he said in the nicest possible way - but you see what I mean?

When I used to do events, the guests would always tell my boss, "your daughter is so fun to be around!" This pissed off my boss because she's only 40. Also, I'm not fun. I am angry and scary.


Unknown said...

I love them! But unfortunately you still look young. Maybe not AS young, but there's no hiding it. I'm sorry! My brother-in-law's mom (who is also Japanese) got carded at a Red Robin a couple years back, and she's in her late 50s! She looked at the waiter like, "are you kidding me?"...he was dead serious.

smartwick said...

Keen glasses -- very cute! I know you don't want to hear this, but once you're over 30, you may start appreciating getting carded ... maybe. Until then, I don't know -- the cops could always call on you to go undercover at a high school. Wouldn't that be fun?!

Unknown said...

This about how the rest of us feel. When we go out with you everyone is like "what is that cool young chick doing with the baby boomers."

But as a glasses wearing person, I'm always a fan of them. It is weird when I don't have mine on. I figure it detracts from focus on my nose..heh, heh.


jean said...

Those glasses are great. Why didn't you wear them at Ladies Rock Camp? I think you personally wanted to be mistaken as one of the campers from Girls Rock Camp but somehow got in with the big chicks. eh eh??
In any case I like that picture of you. You look like Sarah Silverman.
When I was younger I would NEVER get carded. Seriously I could get into places when I was like 10! But now that I am old and acting younger...I am not. Riddle me that one Batman!

jean said...

Oh and one more thing. I like Karen's idea of going undercover in high school. We could bring back 21 Jump Street as a reality show but with you as the star!

faye said...

I got confused for a high schooler a few months ago at the dosha salon. then the lady that was leading me back to wax my eyebrows said i was "just a baaaby." Groan. No. I'm not.

Cute glasses!!

Anonymous said...

Yes, we will be young and beautiful until we are 70....Then we will turn into wrinkly leather bags. I got carded to buy a lazer site for the paintball gun, you had to be 16 to buy it.
I DO like the glasses! And by the way, YOUR FUN!