14 April 2008

Drag Queen Tupperware Parties

retro tupperwareNever in my life did I imagine that at age 28 I'd be planning a Tupperware party. First off I never imagined I'd cook anything much less need a place to store my leftovers. But when the opportunity arose to have a drag queen come to my work and peddle her fantastic plastic wares, well, I'd be crazy to turn it down, right?

Truth be told I actually went to a Tupperware party in Huntington Beach a few years back. It was hosted by Kay Sedia and honey it was Fab-U-Luz. I got me a set of collapsable containers. I put my soup in there and, when it's gone, I scrunch the container down to save space in my bike bag.

collapsable tupperwareI've considered taking one with me when I go out to eat. When flattened it's no thicker than a book and it fits easily in my bag. I dunno. I just have to get up the guts to do it. There's no reason not to other than the geekiness factor. They never give you a recyclable container around here and it's really depressing. Sometimes they even use styrofoam.

Mom's tupperwareAnyway, point being - Tupperware has come a long way in the last twenty years. Though I still have fond memories of toting delicious picnic fare around in Mom's Tupperware. Although, I think it was more about keeping the rain out than keeping the flavor in. Who wants water-y tuna salad?

But I digress... the point of this post is that I have a dilemma.

kay sedilaI feel loyal to Kay Sedila - she's the gal who I saw in Huntington. She has a tupperware song, spicy delivery and a hilarious, X-rated schtick.

For example: Kay would present us with a sippy cup. Instead of explaining how it's designed to be toddler-proof, she tells us, "Now ju can throw your margarita at you boyfriend and it no spill!"

She also assigns a member of the audience to do periodic "chi chi checks." This is important because it's very non-fabuluz if one of Kay's chi chi's starts to sag. At the end, of course, it's revealed that her chi chi's are actually more fabuluz tupperware.

I suspect that Kay is the original Tupperware drag queen, but I'm not 100% sure. In the last few years, a new hostess has appeared on the scene - Dixie Longate.
It's the perennial question - should I go with the sure thing or roll the dice on a new drag queen?

dixie longateDixie Longate has a much better online presence. I'm not sure if it's because she's better / more popular or if it's because she has a proper marketing team.

Where Kay is a sassy Latina, Dixie is the X-rated housewife from hell. Is this a better fit for the Orange County crowd? I don't know . . .



Marcy Massura said...

Hmmmm- they both sound fabulous don't they? I don't think I would have the 'latino' one if I had any latino friends...might be offended-you know how gosh darn politically correct we are here in the OC. I wanna go- sounds fun. The last 'checkbook' party I went to was for CANDLES....what a drag. And I mean drag in the bad way!

smartwick said...

I'm thinking you should try the new one, because then you will have experienced two different drag queens' Tupperware parties -- a) how many people can say that? and b) afterwards, you'll have scientific evidence of which one is the best. Plus, aren't you dying to know where Dixie Longate hides her "burpable" containers?

Anonymous said...

You have to go with Dixie...the name screams tupperware and mint juleps. -- LEAH

- The M.A.D. Hapa said...

As it turns out, Dixie is headed out on tour. Kay was free so I took it as a sign from the Tupperware Gods.

Marcy - you are so right about the checkbook parties! I have never been invited to so many "parties" as I have in the OC . . .

Unknown said...

By the way, I'm amazed that I haven't seen anyone in Portland do this at a restaurant. I still get weird looks when I pull out my own coffee sleeve rather than taking a new one from the coffee bar.