26 March 2008

New Indie Music Discoveries 1Q 2008

How do you guys organize your new music?

Every few months I start a new playlist. I'm about to archive 1Q08 which is full of all the new music I encountered since the beginning of the year. Just before I archive it I'll delete all the songs I feel "eh" about. I started doing this when I discovered that iTunes will put any playlist that starts with a number at the top of the list.

Pasted below are my favorite new tracks for first quarter 2008. I'll try to make a post like this every few months. Since this is the first one, please pardon the lack of consistency on the MP3 links.

MGMT: recommended tracks: Time to Pretend and Electric Feel
Why I Like It: MGMT's music is dance-y and jaded at the same time.

Grand Archives: recommended track "Sleepdriving"
Why I Like It: This song exactly captures that strange, almost trancelike feeling of driving around at night. Also, these guys are from the northwest (Seattle).

How I Became the Bomb: recommended track Killing Machine
Why I Like It: I am a sucker for overly-earnest singing.

Minuit: recommend "Fuji"
Why I Like It: If you long for Bjork to return to her Post phase, you'll dig these kiwi electronarockers.

SIDE NOTE: These guys have the best website I've seen in awhile. If you have two spare minutes, check it out. My favorite track "Fuji" starts playing automatically.

The Heavenly States: Lost In the Light
Why I Like It: It's a straight-up catchy rock song. Your parents would like this song. So will your boss. They have that west coast pop-soul thing going. Reminds me a little of Jamie Lidell.

Pretty Good Dance Moves - “P.G.D.M.”
Why I Like It: They are Postal Service-esque

Sons and Daughters: recommended track Gilt Complex
Why I Like It: Sinister "waaa-oooo"'s and lyrics like: "She's not sure of all she has but avarice is all that she's made of!"

The Long Blondes:
"Swallow Tattoo" and /or "Weekend Without Makeup." A big thanks to Dinah for recommending these great gals!
Why I Like It: They're like a new wave-ier Sleater-Kinney.

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