18 March 2008

Me and a Tank

Here's me sitting on an M-60 tank. Pretty cool, eh?

Mom and David came to visit over the weekend and they stayed at Camp Pendleton. If you've ever driven to San Diego, you've probably wondered about that 20 mile stretch of undeveloped oceanfront property - that's Camp Pendleton.

The place is massive. It's a whole community unto itself. They have a grocery store, a movie theater, there's even a scuba shop. Altogether, more than 60,000 people are stationed at Camp Pendleton at any given time.

The highlight of the tour (for me) was a hanger full of combat vehicles. It was like being on the set of a Michael Bay movie! Har har . . .

I need a sign like this for my car.

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smartwick said...

That is awesome! It's good to see you enjoying our tax dollars at work. :)

Unknown said...

Makes me wonder if the language below REALLY says the same thing as what's in English above.