05 March 2008

I have a special power

They always told me I was "special" . . .

. . . but it wasn't until recently that I realized my gift. I'm not saying I'm Harry Potter or one of the X-Men or something, but I honestly believe I have a special power.

It all started last summer:

frozen yogurt

We were coming back from the beach and I had a sudden craving for frozen yogurt. I know how the way from the Laguna Beach to my house, but the in-between parts I don't know very well. Throwing caution to the wind, I picked a random freeway exit and said, "let's look for yogurt this way." Sure enough, there was a Golden Spoon at the first intersection.

I didn't think anything of it. At the time, our neighbors to the north were going crazy for Pinkberry. I figured, "Meh. Yogurt places are everywhere."

bomb sniffing dogLater that summer, it happened again. A group of us from work were out walking and my instincts led me directly to the frozen yogurt place.

I think I'm like a bomb-sniffing dog - but for yogurt!

Still not a believer? Check this shit out:

I recently moved to Rancho Santa Margarita. It's one of many cookie-cutter master-planned communities here in Orange County. The subdivision is close to work and I'm very familiar with the area. So, on the upside, I can ride my bike to and from the office. On the downside, there aren't any frozen yogurt places nearby.

After a long weekend of moving I drove to the Mega Stripmall to get one last thing from Target. As I passed by the Baskin Robbins I said aloud, "Baskin Robbins, why aren't you a yogurt place?"

I turned the corner, and right in front of me was a banner that said, "COMING SOON - YOGURTLAND."

Isn't that scary?

Since then I have summoned two more yogurt places. A Dairy Queen went out of business and became a yogurt place and a new Golden Spoon popped up by the car wash.

I'm not sure why I was given these powers, but I'm going to keep eating frozen yogurt until I figure it out.


Unknown said...

You would be good to have on a summer road trip. Congratulations on finding your power. Maybe we need to find you a costume now.

- The M.A.D. Hapa said...

Ooo, now we're talkin'

Anonymous said...

It saddens me that you have used your powers for evil and put a Dairy Queen out of business. Dairy Queen is the one thing constant in America (or at least the West). You can't all a place home until you know there is a Dairy Queen. How can you be so cruel.