26 March 2008

New Indie Music Discoveries 1Q 2008

How do you guys organize your new music?

Every few months I start a new playlist. I'm about to archive 1Q08 which is full of all the new music I encountered since the beginning of the year. Just before I archive it I'll delete all the songs I feel "eh" about. I started doing this when I discovered that iTunes will put any playlist that starts with a number at the top of the list.

Pasted below are my favorite new tracks for first quarter 2008. I'll try to make a post like this every few months. Since this is the first one, please pardon the lack of consistency on the MP3 links.

MGMT: recommended tracks: Time to Pretend and Electric Feel
Why I Like It: MGMT's music is dance-y and jaded at the same time.

Grand Archives: recommended track "Sleepdriving"
Why I Like It: This song exactly captures that strange, almost trancelike feeling of driving around at night. Also, these guys are from the northwest (Seattle).

How I Became the Bomb: recommended track Killing Machine
Why I Like It: I am a sucker for overly-earnest singing.

Minuit: recommend "Fuji"
Why I Like It: If you long for Bjork to return to her Post phase, you'll dig these kiwi electronarockers.

SIDE NOTE: These guys have the best website I've seen in awhile. If you have two spare minutes, check it out. My favorite track "Fuji" starts playing automatically.

The Heavenly States: Lost In the Light
Why I Like It: It's a straight-up catchy rock song. Your parents would like this song. So will your boss. They have that west coast pop-soul thing going. Reminds me a little of Jamie Lidell.

Pretty Good Dance Moves - “P.G.D.M.”
Why I Like It: They are Postal Service-esque

Sons and Daughters: recommended track Gilt Complex
Why I Like It: Sinister "waaa-oooo"'s and lyrics like: "She's not sure of all she has but avarice is all that she's made of!"

The Long Blondes:
"Swallow Tattoo" and /or "Weekend Without Makeup." A big thanks to Dinah for recommending these great gals!
Why I Like It: They're like a new wave-ier Sleater-Kinney.

25 March 2008

Would you . . . Do Stairway?

Sleater Kinney and a big dorkRecently my friend Cary issued a challenge:

"You have a band. It is a very good band. Your band has decided to add cover songs to their catalog and since you are the one person in your band whose musical taste is beyond question, you get to pick them. Each musician in your band (including yourself) can play any song on their given instrument so the possibilities are endless.

What are your cover songs? "

It just so happens that I'm attending Ladies Rock Camp in Portland next month. Fellow rocker chicks Jean and Karen will be there. Rawk on, Grrrls. I don't know if we'll be doing cover songs or not, but the question above is worth exploring, no?

I've decided that the audience has exactly the same musical tastes that I do.

One last disclaimer: it's 11:20 pm right now and I should have gone to bed 20 minutes ago. In other words, I reserve the right to change my songs in the morning. Here is a preliminary list:

1. Video Killed the Radio Star - THE BUGGLES
2. A Piller of Salt - THE THERMALS
3. Los Angeles is Burning - BAD RELIGION
4. Debaser - THE PIXIES
6. Divorce Song - LIZ PHAIR (this is the sing-along)
7. Just Like Heaven - THE CURE
9. Don't Sit on the Pickets - RACETRACK
10. The Field - THROWING MUSES

Runner up: The Laws Have Changed - THE NEW PORNOGRAPHERS

What about you, fair reader? Post your list below!

18 March 2008

Me and a Tank

Here's me sitting on an M-60 tank. Pretty cool, eh?

Mom and David came to visit over the weekend and they stayed at Camp Pendleton. If you've ever driven to San Diego, you've probably wondered about that 20 mile stretch of undeveloped oceanfront property - that's Camp Pendleton.

The place is massive. It's a whole community unto itself. They have a grocery store, a movie theater, there's even a scuba shop. Altogether, more than 60,000 people are stationed at Camp Pendleton at any given time.

The highlight of the tour (for me) was a hanger full of combat vehicles. It was like being on the set of a Michael Bay movie! Har har . . .

I need a sign like this for my car.

END OF POST (there is no "Read more . . .")

10 March 2008

I Hate This House

The house next door to my Mom's so horrible. It's too big, ugly and out of place. Look at the damn thing.

From the street all you can see are five garages. UGLY!
Also, IT'S TOO BIG! The builder squeezed a giant house on a regular-sized lot. This house just doesn't belong with the rest of them. There are no other McMansions on our block.

I dream of buying it one day and blowing it up . I'm not talking about anything illegal here. I don't want to destroy anyone's home. I'll buy it first and then blow it up.

Actually, my dream is to buy it anonymously. After a few weeks, I'll invite the builder to come over. Maybe I'll tell him that I'm having a party.

When he arrives, I'll tell him there's a surprise for him in the garage. I'll hand him a detonating trigger - disguised as a garage door opener. When he pushes the button, the house will implode like when they took down The Kingdome. Then I will lick the tears from his face.*

* This is a South Park reference from the Scott Tenorman Must Die episode. I'm not THAT weird.

05 March 2008

I have a special power

They always told me I was "special" . . .

. . . but it wasn't until recently that I realized my gift. I'm not saying I'm Harry Potter or one of the X-Men or something, but I honestly believe I have a special power.

It all started last summer:

frozen yogurt

We were coming back from the beach and I had a sudden craving for frozen yogurt. I know how the way from the Laguna Beach to my house, but the in-between parts I don't know very well. Throwing caution to the wind, I picked a random freeway exit and said, "let's look for yogurt this way." Sure enough, there was a Golden Spoon at the first intersection.

I didn't think anything of it. At the time, our neighbors to the north were going crazy for Pinkberry. I figured, "Meh. Yogurt places are everywhere."

bomb sniffing dogLater that summer, it happened again. A group of us from work were out walking and my instincts led me directly to the frozen yogurt place.

I think I'm like a bomb-sniffing dog - but for yogurt!

Still not a believer? Check this shit out:

I recently moved to Rancho Santa Margarita. It's one of many cookie-cutter master-planned communities here in Orange County. The subdivision is close to work and I'm very familiar with the area. So, on the upside, I can ride my bike to and from the office. On the downside, there aren't any frozen yogurt places nearby.

After a long weekend of moving I drove to the Mega Stripmall to get one last thing from Target. As I passed by the Baskin Robbins I said aloud, "Baskin Robbins, why aren't you a yogurt place?"

I turned the corner, and right in front of me was a banner that said, "COMING SOON - YOGURTLAND."

Isn't that scary?

Since then I have summoned two more yogurt places. A Dairy Queen went out of business and became a yogurt place and a new Golden Spoon popped up by the car wash.

I'm not sure why I was given these powers, but I'm going to keep eating frozen yogurt until I figure it out.