12 January 2008

Hapa issues

I'm feeling like a bit of a fraud.

The URL of this blog is "themadhapa.blogspot.com" and I haven't been talking a lot about hapa / hapanese stuff. I could easily make the argument that there isn't a lot to write about to begin with, but I should make more of an effort to go find it.

Luckily, my friend Kenny gave me a good news nugget over sushi the other day. We were talking about Asian food and he mentioned an interesting article about human evolution.

Some scientists suggest humans are evolving faster than ever before. Good nutrition, better medicine and stable living conditions have allowed us to not only live longer, but evolve our species.

Here's an obvious one: we're a hell of a lot taller than we used to be. Anyone who's been to Shakespeare's house can attest to that.

The article also described how certain races were evolving:

* People of African descent had a stronger immunity to disease.
* Caucasians can eat red meat without a significant an impact on their cholesterol.
* Asians - we've developed flakier ear wax.

That's right. Flakier ear wax. I know you're all jealous.

I told Kenny it was because we Asians are so highly-evolved to begin with, there's not much left. You can't mess with perfection. Kenny rolled his eyes. He recently had to cut red meat out of his diet, so, something tells me he'd take a steak over the ear wax.

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Anonymous said...

I just spit tea all over my desk - thanks for the good laugh!