08 December 2007

Cool Crap that's not on my Christmas list

MIXA USB Mix tape
It's a 1GB USB drive disguised in a cassette tape. I have to admit: I sometimes miss the old days of mixtape exchanging. I used to spend hours making mini-collages out of magazine clippings and Japanese stationery stickers. Capturing the true spirit of my musical medley through the perfect combination of acid-eyed kittens and Tori Amos promotional photos . . . that was ART, man.

I also like this t-shirt, called
Punk vs. Disco.
Unfortunately it only comes in men's sizes so it would never fit.

For reasons I can't explain, I'm drawn to these I Heart Guts things. They're cute-yet-
creepy: my favorite.

You know those people who drive aroundwith stuffed animals in the back window of their car? I'd love to get some I Heart Guts and put them in my back window. Now who's the craziest?!?!

I also really dig this whole "steampunk" trend where people merge old-timey stuff with technology/ sci-fi ideals. For example, check out the modifications this guy made to a laptop:

If I had one of these things I think I'd have to get a monocle and a hot air balloon to go with it. I think I'd also need a pet raven (that's half robot half actual raven) to spy on my enemies.

I digress . . . apparently the damn thing works and gets wi-fi. Check out datamancer.net for how he did it plus more mod's.

Here's what's actually on my Christmas list
  • Black Chuck Taylor high-tops
  • Box of biodegradable garbage bags
  • Swim goggles
After a little more thought I added:
  • Emergency radio
  • The state quarters I'm missing from my collection
I'm a dork, I know. I scored 27% on the geek test.

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smartwick said...

Dude - I thought I was the only dork I knew who collected the state quarters. I <3 you.