16 October 2007

Really Weird Japanese Stuff

As we travel around over the next ten days, I'll try to post some of the weird stuff I see a long the way: signs, t-shirts, etc. For vending machines, keep scrolling down to the next post.

16 October 2007

The infamous plastic food. It's a blessing when they have this out in front of a restaurant (most do). In Tokyo there is one place where people go to buy all their plastic display food. It's called Kappabashi-dori.

Don't even think about bringing your cows or your beef jerky into Japan!

I'm trying to think of what the US equivalent to this would be - Buffalo Wing USB drives?

You better have your customs forms in order or Customs Dog is going to have to get all cute on your ass.

14 October 2007

Well this is a good thing, I wasn't interested in a USED Hot Dog.

From the Toyota Exhibition Hall - a concept car. Kind of brings to mind the "PushMePullMe" from the children's story.

Please, do not bring your elderly seagulls on the train.

This anti-itching medication comes with a free cell-phone dangle. From what I can tell, it's a water droplet holding a corn-on-the-cob.

12 October 2007

At most of the hotels, they give you a samurai costume. Okay, Mom says it's called a "yukata." This one came with a sword as well.

These were little wooden plaques you could buy at one of the shrines we went to, I don't know why you have the option to buy one with or without a face.

The guy crouching in front of the school girls was a Brazilian from our tour. He doesn't know these girls and they don't know him.

Apparently there are quite a few Clapton fans in Hiroshima.

On Miyajima Island the deer are not afraid of people. In fact, there are signs warning you that if the deer eat your bus pass it cannot be replaced.

8 October 2007

These are not Halloween costumes.

This is an air guitar bracelet. You put the thing on your wrist and make strumming motions. It either plays Deep Purple's Smoke on the Water, or T Rex's 20th Century Boy.

This is a footprint toilet. The annoying thing is, the stall next door had a western-style toilet, but I didn't know that until I had already used this one. Oh well.

I have no idea what this is. There was a huge line (around the block). The vending machines dispense red and white capsules. Mom says she saw someone get one and it had men's underwear inside. WTF?

6 October 2007

So far as I can tell, this van is part of the Bad Cat Patrol. If you have a misbehaving cat, they come and take it away.

This is the bottom of a sign that displays parking rates. Presumably no rice rockets are allowed. Where's a girl supposed to learn how to Tokyo Drift?

Let me just tell you, from personal experience, that none of these damn buttons actually make the toilet flush.

I thought they'd be on Yoko's side over here...

In Harajuku there's this massive building called La Foret (lah-for-ay). Each floor (there are about twelve floors) has half a dozen stalls where designers sell their collections. This was one of the weirdest stalls. You're note supposed to take photos, which is a shame. La Foret must be seen to be believed. Don't plan to buy anything though, t-shirts start at 5500 Yen (about $53 US).

This is the sink / shower in the Roppongi hotel bathroom.


Anonymous said...

lol funny pictures

Anonymous said...

the cat van is a delivery truck. sort of like fedex... lol as much as they look like cats they're actually foxes.... (don't see any way how fox can be appealing for delivery, but.........)

tiffany_keep_going said...

I really want to go to japan