16 October 2007

Looking for Engrish T-Shirts in Tokyo

Though my game was a little off for scoring a good Engrish t-shirt, your luck might be better. Here are the two places I'd recommend:

The clothing chain Uniqlo has a way-cool T-shirt store in Harajuku called UT. You'll find shirts with bitchin graphics and Engrish shirts galore, more importantly they're cheap - 1500 Yen.

UT is off Omotesando. So, when you come out of the Yamanote line station, head to the right (toward the park), then go up and over the footbridge (now you're heading away from the park). Keep going until you see the main intersection with The Gap. With La Foret behind you and The Gap in front of you, take a right. Walk a couple of blocks and you'll find UT across from the Levi's store.

The next best place to go for Engrish shirts is Ameyayokocho. This street market is located right outside Ueno station. In fact, it's directly under the Yamanote Line train tracks. Take the south exit from Ueno station you absolutely can't miss it, the place is huge.

Ameyayokocho is a working-class neighborhood (perfectly safe, of course). If you've been hitting the tourist sites pretty hard, this will be a refreshing change. Personally, I was starting to feel like the frumpiest hillbilly ever just because I don't own a blow-dryer.

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