23 October 2007

The Fire Moves Closer

Heat, wind and low humidity have contributed to what may be the worst fire season in southern california history. More than 19,000 acres have burned in our area and around a dozen homes have burned.

We still don't know if Barry's house is included in that total. He lives in Modjeska Canyon - around 2:00 PM today we received word that firefighters had to abandon efforts in Modjeska. The fire continues to move eastward, so there's a chance Barry will be able to get in later tomorrow (Wed) afternoon.

Interestingly, as the blaze moves east, it gets closer to where I work. We could see the flames from the back patio this afternoon and the fire-fighting DC-10 flew overhead. Luckily, the city of Rancho Santa Margarita is a fairly new development which means lots of fire-retardant stucco buildings and concrete. Worst-case scenario, the air quality will get bad because of the smoke and we'll be evacuated. That's not too bad considering . . .

What everyone is wondering is:

How did all of these fires start?
Out of the 12+ fires, we only know the source for three of them. Ours was arson, another was downed powerlines, and a third was a spark from construction. What about the other nine? One has to wonder how many were caused by crazies.

When is Orange County going to get our fire crews back from Malibu?

. . . and most importantly

Why did the government wait 48 hours to deploy military firefighting assistance to California?
We saw a big fire-busting airplane taking off from New Mexico this afternoon. There's no F-ing fire in New Mexico! What was that plane doing for the last two days, eh? More than half a million people have been evacuated!

This map, though not 100% accurate, will give you a general idea of where the fire is. They update it throughout the day, though it doesn't show the fire having overtaken Modjeska Canyon (which it has). I work in Rancho Santa Margarita and live in Ladera Ranch.


Unknown said...

We're definitely thinking about you down there! My cousin lives in San Diego and we're trying to get an update on her status right now. We have a ton of family down there, mostly in LA, so I imagine everyone is safe. Anyway, thanks for the updates...we'll send some good (cool and damp) NW vibes your way!

Anonymous said...

Hope all is okay!!!! keep us posted

Anonymous said...

you are going to be tagged on my blog at 6am PST 10/25! :)