09 June 2007

Fake Meat Part Two - "Sausage"

On a scale of fake meat believability where a one is fake bacon (not even close) and a ten is soy grounds (which I suspect was in those school lunch burritos anyway): the sausage ranks about a six. Alas, scientists have not been able to make soysage taste exactly like sausage. To their credit: four years ago I would have scored soysage only a five.

Taking into account that soysage is much better for you than the real thing, it's really not so bad. As with most vegetarian substitues, it's hard to tell the difference when you mix soysage in with something else (breakfast burrito, etc). We're not even going to talk about the links-style breakfast sausage. The chemists really need to go back to the drawing board on that one.

I used to hold BOCA as the best of the best, but Morningstar has gained some ground. I'd now rank the two competitors about even. The new and improved Morningstar sausage has a little more spice to it and I daresay it produces the tiniest amount of grease (this is a good thing). Useless trivia: Morningstar Farms is owned by Kellogg.

I really like this sausage . . . when other people cook it. I don't know what my problem is. Maybe the magic only happens when you make this sausage on a big, greasy restaurant grill.

I still have to award first place to BOCA. They've been doing it right for a long time: they make an effort in regards to flavor and they are ever-so-slightly greasy. Let's face it, if you're reaching for the fake sausage, there's a reason. That cheesey potato sausage and garlic scramble on Sunday morning is medicinal, man.

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