26 March 2007

Photo Frame of the Future

You saw it here first: the photo frame of the future.

From the mad scientist who brought you:
* Connecting an iPod to a twelve-year-old car
* HeavyBuoy dive weights
* and Jalapeno Chip Mac n' Cheese

Crowmerica Labs is proud to present:

Art Anarchy

photo one
half and half
photo two

Okay, I know what you're thinking:

I hope my boss doesn't walk by right now.
Also, that frame looks like something I saw at The Sharper Image, only fancier.

But this photo frame is far superior. You're no longer limited to your own images or whatever you can steal from google. This baby can receive photos dynamically via email.

Let's say you have a friend who's vacationing in Thailand. You're sitting at home and suddenly a picture of an elephant appears in your magic frame.

Or maybe you get super-drunk one night and you wake up with a big hole in the crotch of your pants. As you pound down a breakfast burrito and desperately try to conjure memories of the night before - a photo appears. It's a cell phone pic of you pulling off a kick-ass air guitar slide (and splitting the crotch of your jeans).

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