12 February 2006

The Window Seat

Once upon a time, a guy named Troy M. Litten travelled around the world and took a lot of photos of telephones, bathrooms signs, bus tickets, and other little items you find the world over. He turned these photo collages into a series of postcards. The collection is called Wanderlust and you can buy it from Amazon.com.

One of the postcards shows a bunch of photos taken from the airplane window.

I really liked his idea, so on every flight I've taken over the past two years, I've kept my camera nearby. After 70,000+ miles, I have a total of forty photos which I've whittled down to the best fourteen. So I present to you: The Window Seat.

1 comment:

Yao-Hua Law said...

hey, browsing and chanced upon your blog.

I like to take pics from the plane windows too!

keep it on! good luck~