11 July 2005

The 2005 Orange County Fair

I am thoroughly wiped out today having spent all of yesterday at the
Orange County Fair. I know, I know, why would your favorite angry asian girl want to spend any amount of time amongst the tube top and cowboy boots crowd? Well, as you may remember from last year, the OC Fair is the home of the demolition derby AND the deep fried snickers bar. So, I doused myself in sunscreen and bought an extra-large
bottle of hand sanitzer and braved the throngs of sticky children and

Here's a slide show of OC Fair photos I threw together. Most of the photos are of the deep-fried treats I found.

Which of these is NOT a food available at the Orange County Fair:

a) Deep -Fried Avacado
b) Nachos on a Stick
c) Deep-Fried Twinkee
d) Cheescake on a Stick
e) Deep-Fried Oreos
f) Salad

The correct answer is "b," but I'm already working on the patent so no
stealing! If yesterday is any indications, fair food is a cash cow.
Hey, someone's got to help America fill its size 20 stretch pants.

As you'll also see by the photos, this year's demolition derby was
police-themed. Each of the thirteen cars was sponsored by a different
Orange County Police department. Much to my dismay, Mission Viejo was not represented. Unable to give it up for my homees back in the MV, I cheered for the one car driven by a chick (she took second place).

But those fair organizers aren't off the hook. I was robbed of the
opportunity to raise my beer and yell "wooooo!" to show my civic
pride. When the Irvine car rammed the Tustin car, and guy next to me yelled "F-ck You, Tustin!" I thought, "Man, that should have been
me." To make matters worse, none of south orange county was
represented. With thirteen cars, I had hoped that at least one of my
local subdivisions would be there. It really would have
lessened the sting if I could have at least flicked a nacho into the
ring and yelled, "Take that you Aliso Viej-hole!"

In other news, Barry earned his Master Scuba Diver rating this
weekend. The Master Scuba Diver (or MSD) rating is the highest
non-professional certification you can get. We call it the "black
belt" of scuba diving. The requirements include completion of nine
different scuba courses plus completion of fifty dives. Altogether,
it takes more than 100 hours of dive experience to reach this level
and it's something few divers ever accomplish. We'll be up in
Portland next week, so if you see him, please tell him congrats.

Hope all is well with you.

Until next time,



Mac said...

That is SOOOOO awesome. I have to hit a fair late in the summer so I can score a hot tub. Though I should find one now so I can score a cheap BBQ grill.

Anonymous said...

You should link to my photoblog (and I'll link to yours). That would be cool.