26 July 2004

I'm Flying in on Friday

Okay, kids, I'm flying in on Friday. So, first here's a quick rundown of stuff you can get in on if you like. I'd love to see you.

Saturday 31 July: I'm going to that Red Bull flying machine thing. Just phone me if you're down there too, I think it starts at 1p. I have the same number: 503-789-3951.

Sunday 1 August: Pontooning! Meet at Promentory Park in Estacada bright at early, 9:15a, you're late at 10a. We'll pick up stragglers between Noon and 12:30p. Write me if you want more info.

Monday 2 August - Friday 6 August: During the day I have nothing to do yet! I want to eat tofu scramble, go to the river, go to Hawthorne, and I must go to Fred Meyers. Who's with me???

Thursday 5 August I have the evening totally free, anyone want to propose something?

Friday 6 August: Somewhere, somehow, there will be a party this night. Location TBA but write it on your hand in permanant ink and don't bathe. Stay tuned for more info. There will also be a voyage to Voodoo Doughnuts.

Now, since not all of you have been on this list since the beginning I prepared an FAQ. This also saves me from having to tell you guys anything boring when I see you in person.

I work for XXXX in a 2-person division of the 10-person marketing department. My division is there to help people make the most of their diving certification through special events, discounts, etc.

I do kind of the same thing I did at Entercom: planning and scheduling events, ordering promotional items, and doing a lot of follow up with various people and company. I know 10 different ways of nicely saying, "You said you'd have XYZ information to us today so where the bloody hell is it, asshole." I work from 7am - 5pm everyday which gives me every other Friday off.

I don't live in L.A. Where I live is actually equidistant between L.A. and San Diego. It takes about an hour and a half to drive to either place (in off-peak hours). It's kind of a good thing since L.A.'s smog stretches to Irvine these days (Irvine is about 5 miles N of where I live). It's a bad thing because there is absolutely nothing to do down here at night.

I live in one of the original non-coastal developments in South Orange County. Founded in the late 1960's, my city is, well, old, compared to the area where I work which became a "city" in the year 2000. I'm not making this up.

If Beaverton and Lake Oswego had a baby, that's Orange County. A big, 789 square mile baby, population 3 million. Actually, it's better than that because of the amazing beaches and because it's far more multi-cultural. Going to Target or Costco is like being in the International Departures section of the airport. Though nearly everyone speaks English, fully half the people speak it as their second language. The "first language" could be Spanish, Vietnamese, Farsi, Russian, Samoan, or any number of other languages. But on looks only, it's Beaverton/ Lake Oswego + palm trees.

Did you say you wanted to go out for beers? That's great, me too. McMenamins anyone? I'm also jonzing for Colosso, The Braisserie, and wherever the Millennium Girls have deemed the new happy hour hangout.

I have also attached some photos to answer:

What is your apartment complex like?
How's Heidi?
How's your Little Red Car? (Note the new plates and tinted windows: a must for this area)
Did Barry get that name change he always wanted?
Did he really use the "Footsie Wootsie" at the fair?
Did YOU use the "Footsie Wootsie"?

NOTE: Sorry gang, if you were a "subscriber" you got photos, but I am too lazy to post them to the blog.

12 July 2004

mystery hole contest

Correctly guess what this is and you might win something.


NOTE: Contest has ended.

surf's up

So a couple Sundays ago, I finally got to do what I moved down here in the first place to do.


Barry and I took lessons from a couple of dudes named Mike and Dave down at San Onofre state beach. The boards were the foam-top beginner kind and about 9 feet long. We each got up a bunch of times and the 2 hours flew by. We went out the following weekend in La Jolla, but the waves were not as good. Ditto for our trip yesterday to Huntington. But, we won't be deterred. Barry already bought a sport rack for the Hyundai and I scored a couple of wetsuits from a co-worker. Surf's Up.

So, I'm sure you're thinking to yourself. "What do Barry and Megan do when the surf is not, in fact, "up"? Well, funny you should ask. Because instead of surfing this weekend we went to the DEMOLITION DERBY at the Orange County Fair.

Yes, snobby, image-obsessed OC has an annual event wherein Mom puts on her grungiest miniskirt and Dad exchanges his chinos for blue jeans and the family heads down to spend some quality time mispronouncing the word "Gyros" and daring each other to eat a deep-fried Snickers bar.

The demolition derby is, in fact, the most popular event at the County Fair. Only, when I first heard about the fair and the derby, I confused it with the Country Fair and had this bizarre image of stoned hippies smashing their dirty vans into each other while "Truckin'" blared over the loudspeakers.

In actuality, it's a bunch of 70's Cadillacs and Lincoln Continentals bashing the crap out of each other in a dirt arena for about 5 minutes while the audience in the surrounding bleachers goes totally insane. The scene evokes a shoddier version of modern-day gladiator fight. Only, none of the guys are named "Cassius," "Maximus" or "Joaquin," and they've long since exchanged their barrel-chests for beer-bellies.

We went to the 2pm show which was so amazing we decided to hang around the fair for five more hours and see the 8pm show. I cannot possibly convey its awesomeness in writing alone, so I'll have to tell you about it next time I see you. It's the kind of thing that requires an in-person delivery of words like "skreee" and "gktsshh" and "kkkfkkfk!" and other words that look like they could also be IKEA products.

The rest of the fair was pretty whatever. There were baby animals, mis-shapen vegetables, and this exhibition hall called "The Parade of Products" which was mostly kitchen gadgets and belt buckles. Apparently there's a woman who sells sweaters made out of her dogs' hair, but, she was indisposed at the time of our visit.

(awkward segue)

Don't you be indisposed when I stop by to visit you! Yes, I'm visiting Portland 30 Jul - 8 Aug. Who's interested in pontoon boating? Who's interested in a BBQ? Who wants to see the A-Team van fly accross the Willamette?

Let me know!

ciao for now.