11 May 2004

anyone going to be in S.F. for memorial day?

Did anyone watch 10.5? I admit it, I was looking forward to the damn thing. Enough with the east coast being destroyed by aliens/ asteroids/ tidal wave/ Bloomberg I was excited to finally see a movie where the west coast gets wiped out. I knew it was going to be crap, but I hoped at the very least I would get to see Newport Beach slide into the Pacific, and maybe see a cameo by up-and-coming action movie actor Jeff Gianola.

Alas, no luck. They barely even mentioned Oregon or Portland. We may only be market #24, but they could have at least shown a giant boulder bouncing down Mt. Hood and smashing up a hippie van or something. I'm not asking for a Pearl District "art loft" to topple over and crush Vera Katz or anything, although that would have been nice.

One movie I saw recently that did NOT disappoint was "Super Size Me."

It's a documentary about a guy who eats nothing but McDonald's for 30 days and it's GREAT, the most entertaining film I've seen this year. The guy is really likeable, there are some great side-characters, and it's got a lot to say in very a non-preachy way ("Bowling for McNuggets," it's not).

For those of you that know Barry, he started a new job yesterday at SimpleTech (he quit Systech, too many TPS reports and a bad commute) SimpleTech sells computer memory products.

Anyone going to be in San Francisco for Memorial Day weekend? Barry and I will be there to visit his folks. Come on, you know you have that friend from college you've been meaning to visit! Please save me from three days at the Alameda Yacht Club . . .

Until next time.

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