19 April 2004

it's not about me for once

Hi, gang.

Well, it's been a little while, hasn't it? What have I been up to down here? Spending all my cash on nail fills and Marc Jacobs knock offs? Try $2.25 a gallon for gas and taking lots of naps. I still haven't tried surfing, but it's in the cards for the near future. I saw Hellboy (pretty good), Kill Bill Volume 2 (not as good as the first one) and season one of the BBC series The Office (no Office Space, but there's some laughs).

I really have nothing exciting to report. So, I thought I'd mention some fun and interesting things that have happened to other folks.

* The amazing Alley Hector has created a marvelous new site where crafty Portlanders can sell their wares, post PDX happenings, share vegan recipies, etc. If you've seen buyolympia.com, it's a lot like that (only better). Go to http://www.iheartpdx.com/ or http://www.ilovepdx.com

* Also, I have a very smart and down to earth friend who just graduated with a degree in poly sci and is looking for an internship. Any suggestions are greatly appreciated.

* My car just turned 100,000 miles over the weekend. Please think happy thoughts about her so she will continue to 200,000 miles. Go, Little Red Car, Go!

* What is going on with the second wave of Friendster? Holy crap, you guys. I think I've had more requests for new Friendsters in the last month than got all last year combined.

* In the last month three of you have announced your engagement/ been married. A huge congratulations (you know who you are).

* A couple people sent me this funny link "six things you didn't know about Oregon"

* Nikki and Greg ran the Portland half marathon, holy crap! The only atheletic achivement I've had of late was making two baskets at the weekly employee basketball game. Too bad the chick with fake nails I was supposed to be guarding landed six.

* Lastly, a little riddle for you all. What do my Mom, her husband, Leah, Kyle and Karen all have in common? They're 10 times cooler than you because they've either visited or made plans to visit. Come on, guys. The best friend I have made here so far is the mormon grandma who sits next to me and, you know she won't go see "Soul Plane" with me.