17 March 2004

quiz + new contest

I've come up with this very scientific quiz to measure how much a particular individual identifies with either Mutnomah County or Orange County. Some of the content in this quiz is based on actual quotes from residents of Orange County.

1. You use your turn signal:
a) never. why would I? I'm the only driver on the road.
b) regularly

2. You've started a sentence with "Babe" or "Girlfriend"
a) to convey how serious you were about a particular topic
b) for shits and giggles

3. Have you seen Mel Gibson's The Passion?
a) Of course!
b) Oh HELL no!

4. When you go to the beach you spend most of your time
a) lying in the sun and playing in the water
b) drinking heavily and thinking about your own death

5. You like Ralph Nader, but
a) . . . "only because he got Bush elected"
b) . . .think he's making a huge mistake by running for president in 2004

6. If someone gave you a hundred thousand dollars you would:
a) say, "thanks, Dad"
b) start printing your zine in color

7. You've come down with a minor case of the flu. You're too sick to go to work, do you go to the gym?
a) yes
b) no

8. Oregon is:
a) pretty. someday I'll sell my house and move there. or maybe Arizona.
b) don't try and catagorize me

9. A reasonable price for a nice 2 BR house in a good neighborhood is:
a) $700,000
b) $350,000

10. A decent bar should have the following characteristics:
a) tasteful lighting, friendly service, and wide selection of food and specialty drinks such as a "Midori Mangotini"
b) old, dark, lots of wood, and with a tatooed female bartender

Count up how many times you answered "A" and how many times you answered "B." Each answer is a 10% indicator as to how you live your life. For example, 4 "A" answers and 6 "B" answers means you live your life 40% as someone with Orange County standards, and 60% as someone with Multnomah County standards.

Now forward this message to 10 friends or your head will impload.

P.S. I'm thinking about getting a "personalized" license plate and all suggestions are welcomed. If I pick yours, I will send you a prize. You can use up to 7 letters/ numbers. All entries are due by 5pm on Wednesday the 24th. No purchase necessary, offer void in Texas. My ideas include:
LTL RED, LTLRDCR, and MY T RED. I am considering WA OR CA and PDXGRRL.

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