14 January 2004

California Update II

There's nothing like living in a giant suburb to light a fire under your ass to get a job. As each day passes, I find myself becoming less and less picky and more desperate to just find some where to go during the day. The Crow and I have reached the point where we have too little to do and too much time spent together.

We were up early the other morning and decided to go have breakfast. You wouldn't believe how hard it was to find a place to eat that didn't offer homestyle food smothered in gravy. In the end, we went to Paradise Bakery which was the only thing open in the food court of (surprise) a shopping mall. After we finished eating I felt compelled to retrieve all the styrofoam coffee cups from the trash receptacle and mail them back to the companies with which their logos are affiliated, but before I could, Barry was off tromping through the mall. Did I mention that all the stores were CLOSED?

I maneuvered past some power-walking seniors and located The Crow who was looking over a lighted advertisement for "America's Next Top Model." He commented, "This is going to suck." I said, "Don't think for one second that the people back home aren't going to hear about this," and took him by the arm.

It was time to get really serious about finding both of us a job, any job.

The next day I applied for a number of positions which were clearly of the sort located in an office park complete with a fountain and an ugly sculpture located at the main entrance.

"My name is Megan Denny and I am writing today in reagrds to your BLAH BLAH BLAH position. I am a talented marketing coordinator with strong writing skills and an enthusiasm for Global Relocation Solutions/ Direct Marketing for Cable Services/ Data Entry/ etc."

When I'm not coming up with new ways to say, "Give me a job, dammit," I have been continuing with my kickboxing classes. O.C. is the hive for both kickboxing and 24 Hour Fitness and I've seen every kind of person show up to the various classes. The first time I went, I saw a couple of women with breasts so large I thought they might knock themselves out by a blow to the head if they jumped too hard. At the last class I attended, there were some people who were clearly over the age of 60 and they did better than anyone else in the room!

The most amazing thing I have discovered since being down here is this radio station:
It's called "Indie 103," and I think it is a joint venture between Clear Channel and someone else, but the music they play is unreal. In one day I heard: Talking Heads ("Naive Song"), Joy Division ("Atmosphere"), The Postal Service ("Such Great Heights"), Tom Waits ("You're Innocent When You Dream"), and The Police ("So Lonely"). I couldn't make this awesome of a station if I tried. Naturally, I sent them a, "Give me a job, dammit" e-mail, but, as my previous experience is with Entercommunist, I don't know if they'll look too kindly on my person.

Okay, okay, I'm rambling on. Well, I hope all of you are doing well, and I will end by including this link of the U.S.'s most and least Stressful Cities for your clicking enjoyment (both Portland and Orange County make the lists).

Ciao for now.

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